Garissa City is under threat of more politicised and organised crimes

Once voted the safest city of the horn Africa, now becomes the hub of organised and politicised crimes from new wave of immigrants from Ogaden that are loyal to Asmara faction of ONLF who want to vitiate and target anyone suspected to be against their political programme that has nothing to do with the respective Garissa residents and its environs who enjoyed peaceful neighbourhood for the last few decades compared to the rest of the country.

Mr Mohamed Khalif and Mr Ahmed Abdullahi Shurie known as Moallin Shurie had a fight, exchanging several bunches, but instead of sorting the issue through the traditional means, the Asmara faction group have decided to politically assassinate Mr Khalif accusing him to be a terrorist and to even make the situation worse added that he is armed and have guns at home. Mr Mohamed Khalif was arrested by Garissa police on August 1st and he was released on a bail (cash pond) where he is expected to appear in a court on 24th of August . Few individuals who attempted to calm the situation and mediate was rejected by Asmara group and their supporters.

The irony here is that Kenyan police are unable to grasp what is going on behind the scene and they are a victim of politicised and manipulated crimes from a desperate group that is using all possible avenues to misuse the system. “When talking to Kenyan police on the case Mohamed Khalif is accused to be Islamic terrorist but when talking to Asmara supporters and to Somali people  on the same case, Mohamed is accused to be an Ethiopian agent and informer” said one businessman who spoke with us anonymously. ” Is that possible he asked,  adding that he is certain that the judge on the case will not understand reasons behind the accusation.

Garissa hosted thousands of Somalis from Ogaden and they have made their home, but the real problem will be dis-honouring that and acting on the opposite.

Since UWSLF and faction of ONLF made an agreement with Ethiopia and laid down their longstanding insurgent operations, Asmara faction has been radicalised as result of that, and since displayed more signs of extremism.

Finally the real matter is will Garissa survive out of this or will it fall victim of ideoligical warfare from two different mindsets.


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