Is ONLF Motives Questionable? You Bet! By Nuur Hassan

 For quite a sometime now, I have been making some noises on and off the record about the sheer lack of incompetence and the complete policy breakdowns of ONLF. My assessment was based on a thorough research on the inner working of the organisation, on the qualification and motives of its wretched leaders, on the nature of their insurgencies activities in the region and beyond and lastly on its long term objectives. In my last article Follow this link I have touched briefly how it all started and have chronologically listed some of the events leading to present-day ONLF and how they missed an ample opportunities to lead a democratic and autonomous Somali regional state under the framework of the ethnically organised federal system of Ethiopia. My objectives weren’t to regurgitate what everybody knew, but to jog the memory of the people who support ONLF and show where my argument was coming from. Now I write this short article to further enforce my previous argument that what ONLF say in public and what they do in private are completely two different things, while using the ongoing bitter infighting clanistic posture of the ONLF’s two sworn enemy camps as a line of argument. ONLF today is divided into two camps Mohamed Omar Osman camp and Dr Dolal Camp (this division didn’t came out of the blue, but it is the result of major political changes in the executive ranks of ONLF and is not the subject matter of this article). To start with Mohamed Omar Osman’s camp, here we have a ruthless, self-important and bumptious former navy admiral whose political ambitions is beyond that of Ogadenia, he has surrounded himself bunch of hip pockets and yes men, who are less politically ambitious than him. Mohamed Omar has struck a deal with the Eritrean regime to do two things, first, to further fan the flames in the Ogaden region under the umbrella of the Ogaden liberation struggle, the hidden agenda of Eritrea and Mohamed Omar Osman here is not to liberate Ogadenia but to distract the Ethiopian army by creating a war zone in the Somali region of Ethiopia. Secondly, to send Eritrean trained ONLF forces to lower and middle juba regions of the Somali republic to support the forces fighting the TFG and their Ethiopian ally. One may legitimately ask what this to do with the Ogaden question, how this will benefit the common men and women in Kabri Dahar, Dagah Bur, Fik and the rest of Ogadenia, my sincere answer is nothing whatsoever, this will only server if it is successful, the insatiable political ambitious of Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman and the Eritrean regime whose ultimate goal is to hurt Ethiopia wherever it can. In the other camp you have Dr Mohamed Sirad Dolal, a “former” ONLF’s external affairs spokesperson; he is not less notorious than Mr Osman, but nevertheless most of the region’s political commentators agree that he is somewhat forward thinking than the admiral. There are reliable sources, which reveal that Dr Dolal is dissatisfied greatly by the lamentable showings of ONLF, the sources add that Dr Dolal has particularly expressed sadness over the lack of clear policy directions and the future uncertainties of the organisation as a whole. Although on the basis of these evidence Dr Dolal and his supporters are convinced that ONLF is not working, he is yet to break the ranks of this old cancerous ONLF policies of violence arms struggle, which prolongs the misery of our people rather than bring any fruits.Now I would say this to the two camps of ONLF, you have two options, either bring peacefully achievable objectives on the table, i.e. understand the political dynamics of the region by trying to achieve your objectives under the framework of the Ethiopian federal constitution. Or leave our public lives and let the young educated, forward-thinking and peace loving Ogadens to lead our nation so that they can bring a hope out of your failures.

I would also say this to my Ogaden people, we can’t keep watching the dysfunctional nature of the ONLF policies and hope miracle will happen. ONLF and its diehard supporters can not simply vilify its opponents and blame all the ills on the federal government of Ethiopia, while glorifying their dark sides. As an educated and responsible member of the society, my objectives are not to convince you the public, but rather to inform.

I believe my argument here is loud and clear … if ONLF today is divided into two sworn enemies, if their so called liberation has brought nothing but more orphans and widows and widowers. If their hapless leaders are at each other’s throat and only happy to be hosted and entertained by external enemies (who frankly couldn’t care less if the entire Ogaden population were starved to death) what would you do? Shall we simply sit down and pledge/renew our allegiances to Mr Osman or Dr Dolal? I believe we must stand up for what we think is right for our society, which is to mass reject the short-sighted policies of ONLF in its current form and should not allow these good-for- nothing leaders to hold the 3 million or so Ogadens hostage.

Nuur Hassan
Email: nuurhussein@aol.com

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