Khudbaddii ay jaaliyadda UAE ka jeediyeen shir lagu xasuustey geeridii Zenawi

Jaaliyadda Isku tagga Imaaraadka Carabta ayaa nasoo gaadhsiiyey nuqul kakooban khudbaddii uu ka akhriyeyIsmaaciil Aaden guddoomiyaha jaaliyadda DDS ee dalkaas shirweyn oo loo qabtey geeridii Males Zenawi.Khudbaddii oo ku baxdey luuqadda Ingiriiska waxey uqorneyd sidatan.

Dear respectful guests, Dignitaries of Diplomatic Corps, Consul General of Ethiopian Consulate, Staff members and fellow Ethiopian expatriates.

On the occasion of this Memorial Service for our late great visionary leader Mr. Meles Zenawi, we, the Ethiopian Somali Community in the United Arab Emirates, would like to express our deep and heart felt condolence to the immediate family of the late Prime Minister, the Ethiopian Federal Government and the new Prime Minister Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, the president of the Somali Regional State, Mr.Abdi Mohamud Omer, and all the people of Ethiopia.

The great grief and sorrow that gripped all Ethiopians following the sudden death of their great visionary and charismatic leader, Mr. Meles Zenawi, reflects the love, respect and admirations the people had for their brave leader. This respect and admiration will stay eternally engraved in the hearts and minds of all Ethiopians for generations to come.

The late Prime Minister, Mr. Meles and members of the EPRDF party rightfully realized that Ethiopia could only unite and develop if all nations and nationalities of Ethiopian people are made equal partners in decision making, equitably share national resources and that the old feudal subservient system is totally eradicated. This prudent realization had created the establishment of a Federal System and a constitution that recognizes and respects the diversities and uniqueness of the Ethiopian people in terms of their culture, religion and language. Today, we have a system of government and a constitution in place that clearly and unequivocally defines the rights and obligations of all Ethiopian citizens, Regional State governments and the Federal government, which really works and flourishes to the satisfaction of all Ethiopians.

The policy and vision of the late Prime Minister helped Ethiopia become one of the leading countries in annual GDP growth in Sub-Sahara Africa for the last several years, thereby transforming Ethiopia from donor dependent country to self-sustaining economy. This has earned Mr. Meles respect and honor in World Economic Forums such as G8 and G20, in which he had been a frequent speaker.

Many Ethiopian nationalities and communities including the Somali Regional State, who were neglected and robbed of their rights by the previous hegemonic and submissive Ethiopian regimes, have flourished and achieved tangible developments in all fields. The Somali Regional State , under the leadership of its president Mr. Abdi Mohamud Omer, is a prime example of the Ethiopian Federal States that have translated and implemented the changes envisioned by the late Prime Minister for the benefit of their people. The Somali Regional State has achieved progress in all areas of development including growth in economy, access to education and health, agricultural developments, infrastructure, communication, opportunities for business and entrepreneurship and most of all security for its citizens. The Somali State has the biggest referral hospital in the region with a capacity of 990 beds , completely equipped with modern medical facilities and offering all areas of medical services.

The hospital has been renamed ‘MELES ZENAWI MEMORIAL REFERAL HOSPITAL’ by the States president, Mr. Abdi Mohamud Omer, in the immediate aftermath of the announcement of the late prime minister’s death.

It’s worth to mention that the Somali Regional State’s president has been honored to represent all Ethiopian Federal States to deliver official speech at the State’s Funeral Service held in Addis Ababa in honor of the late prime minister, Mr. Meles Zenawi. The State Funeral Service was attended by international dignitaries including heads of states, presidents, and prime ministers and genuinely reflected the stature and respect the late prime minister had in the international community.

In conclusion, we take this opportunity to welcome the new prime minister, Mr. Hailemariam and his government and offer our support. We are confident that Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn would continue his shared vision and strategies of development with his late colleague Mr. Meles and keep Ethiopia on its current economic growth. We call on all Ethiopians in the diaspora to help develop the country and support the new leadership to achieve prosperity and self-sufficiency in all fields of development for the collective benefit of all Ethiopians.

We once again wish to express our condolence to all Ethiopians for the death of our late prime minister, Mr. Meles Zenawi.

Thank You.

The Ethiopian Somali Community in U.A.E

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