Part 1:Do you know Geele: The young boy from Waddankii and his life.?

Geele was very cautious, careful little boy and the only child in his family. Geele wakes up and quickly grabs his stick by the end and rests it on his shoulder while he is mentally contemplating where to take the camel each morning. His dad has already waked up before him, milked the camel and prepared Geele’s breakfast before he sets off the camel to the bush for graze.  Geele knows where to find his breakfast each morning and this was always the norm since he was 5 years old. No options to choose or opt out from his morning meal. He drinks camel milk all his meals; breakfast, dinner and super as well. This applies to all the family and all children in the same camp(Reer).

He is now 10 years old strong young boy who has less fear and getting mature each day. He has already learned and mastered the environment around him and he is much specialised how to take care the camel, where to graze them and how to protect them from predators and falling off cliffs. Farah is a proud father of his son and had reared Camel all in his life. He wants his son to follow his dad’s footsteps.

Always when Geele is out in the bush with the Camel he either climbs trees to watch the camel positions in the bush and sings loudly and proudly and sometimes tries to compose a poems about the life and the circumstances he found himself in. When the sun gets hotter and he could not resist anymore, Geele sits down under a shading tree to rest and sometimes steals a nap.  But there was a moment that Geele will never miss.  At mid-day 12pm, he would hear droning noise from above as he is preparing to descend from the tree he climbed earlier to look for a better shade. He would pause and look above the sky to spot a giant white horizontal thing that is flying above. As the droning sound dies off, the young brain of Geele is filled up with questions that he will never get answers for. What is this, what makes it fly he would ask himself.  Geele knows that he will not get good answers from his dad as he failed to get one before;  It is Diyaarad (Plane) son! His dad responds whenever he asks. But when Geele cautiously look for more, all he would get is son it is a Diyaarad (Plane) and it is taken after by a boy like you. “Do not you see son, this is like their camel, and you
know some people have Cattle, we have camel and some have like these
animal that flies over and above. They are grazing their animal as you do daily; it eats the clouds and drinks from the rain before we get it”. Geele was never satisfied with these answers and his mum Ardo could not bother to give him any better answers. Forget about this and stop this nonsense she shouts at Geele whenever he tries to ask his mum.

One day his dad reminding how lucky Geele is he said to his son. “come here, Son you are very lucky boy, what do you think if the plane herder can have our camel and graze it on the ground instead, he would have been very lucky, Wouldn’t he.” Geele listens attentively and doesnot know what to say.

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