Response: UWSLF is for Peace and Prosperous! By Al Haji

“He who knows not,  and knows not that he knows,  is a fool,” Shun him is and old Persian adage translated to English that reminds me the inconsistence argument and provocative simple article aimed for two main reasons; fisrt See me and secondly offer a position!. See me so that you know I will enhance my defaming policy towards not an enemy or Tigree, but fellow Ogaden intellectuals and Scholars. Secondly offer me a position so that I will be able to continue to write more letters in this nature. Apart from those afro- mentioned reasons, there is no chronological   essence that one could deduce from Karia’s argument other than pejorative language. To attest him wrong and perhaps offer some help if he wills to consider, these are my constructive and brotherly advice to him with no fee proposed at least now. It is my onus to take this opportunity to offer alternative guidance to the young Karie who can be an spark for the future but seems now baffled and exploited.

The whole article of Karie can be be reduced in two or three phrases and has three message to offer his audience;  UWSLF is a Terrorist, TPLF is clever and tactful and ONLF is loosing its supporters. In short, not detailed, I will demonstrate how Karie’s argument falls short and certainly become opposite of his intentions.

UWSLF is an amalgamation of three liberation fronts. All of them had great history in the region and they all originate from the region. WSLF, SPLF and the former Ogaden Islamic Union has came to conclusion that their energy and strength should be put together to confront Ethiopia and that has worked very well indeed. The reflection and representation of UWSLF members and its senior leadership shows that beauty of utilized and exploited wisdom. Between the three parties, there is more than 60 years track record of struggle. When I say Struggle, I do not mean your type of struggle and which everyday 200 soldiers of Ethiopian surrender, districts ceased by commandos!. The signs and scars inflicted on the enemy are still evident in the region.

Now UWSLF is led by Sheekh Ibrahim who is one of the most knowledgeable in Islamic affairs in the Somali speaking region. Sheekh Ibrahim and all senior leadership team are all graduates from Islamic universities and are well respected by all Muslims in the world, but ONLF and you alike. Sheekh Ibraahim has never held any political position in another country and he has never been in another politics. He is clean slate and invested all his time to this cause. He and his organisation made a historic achievement in realising political settlement is needed in the region. Of course, politics is continuation of war, but peacefully.  They have made significant damage to Ethiopia and have been the best disciplined warring faction in the history of the region. They will do the same and I wish them all the best. Sheekh Ibraahim and Sh Ahmed Nashaad brains are not dead and are full of Koran  and Hadiths, not Music, Qaat and delusions! There is no a shortage of support and good intentions towards UWSLF and its leadership and all praise belongs to Allah!.

In my region where I care most and hold my highest regard, insurgency has been the norm as far as we can remember. We have five generations of refugees in our midst. This has continued more than enough and enough should be enough!. For almost 26 years now ONLF has provided no hope for the region and its citizens. The only thing that we are grateful for ONLF is that they have been part of Regional administration creation and remained in the system for few years. What they have achieved in that short space was more beneficial in their entire existence. All they can now offer and teach to the young generations is dance and encouraging our beautiful young girls to undress and show their cleavage in gatherings and acting play dramas in front of hundred spectators; Money making Machines! Unfortunately, you are one of those astray products, not logically thinking, but vaguely owned by ghosts. Ogaden Region belongs to Six Million citizens and they know what is best for them. I urge you not to defame a brother and earn devil deeds in this world and hereafter.

I could not stop laughing when I counted how many times “terrorist” word is used in your one page letter. You must know who uses this term most in the horn of Africa; Zenawi!. I do not see any political difference now between you and Zenawi and I am not sure if you are happy or glad absorbing Zenawi’s ideology and applying to your own people. Don’t you know that many great leaders and respected across the globe were termed terrorist. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are good example.  We know why Zenawi uses this term, but I cannot comprehend your usage of it. Is it that UWSLF policy is Islamic? Do you mean they grow beard and recite Qoran beautifully. Or may be you mean they do not dance and promote western culture on Ogaden citizens. Either ways, Zenawi become your role model and may be Goerge Bush I say!.

In conclusion, there is history in the makings and as it unfolds we are hopping Ogaden citizens home and abroad to be better off. I must support that process and expect all and everyone to do the same. However, I am not hopeful that Karie alike individuals to make any sense of what the majority need and want to see done.


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