Senior Ogaden rebel killed in Kenyan Refugee camp

XOL: Reports from Kenyan refugee camps on the  Somali Border informed Xaajo media that a senior Ogaden rebel was killed, Friday, June 19th at 11:00am by unknown gun men in broad day light  who left the scene unharmed and undetected. Mr Abdirisak Mohamed( Tiiba) who is believed to be a member of Central committee of Asmara faction has been  a longstanding member of the organisation and undertook various senior roles.

In 2011 alone there were three murder cases in similar situation and no one has been brought to justice to account for these tragic assisinations.  Kamas, and Abdi Abdullahi both senior officials from the same organisation were targetted by unknown–and in February this year, a senior cleric, Sheekh Mohamed Dubad, a member of UWSLF that made agreement with Ethiopia was shot dead in Garissa at his home  infront of his family.

Whoever killed and assisinated Abdirisaaq seems to have taken further steps in  in carrying out this barbaric and hyneous action in a day light and surprisingly managed to escape from the scene. Kenyan police is reported to have the reached soon after Abdirisak was shot and they have calmed the situation promising that they will investigate the matter.

Would further or new updates become available, it will be imparted by Xaajo media.


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