The New McCarthyism: By Cabdullaahi Farah

The New McCarthyism

 McCarthyism:  is making baseless political accusations of disloyalty or treason without proper evidence. That is the definition of McCarthyism according Wikipedia. 

 Since peace meetings were held between the Ethiopian government and the armed rebel groups, United Western Libration Front (UWSLF) and one of the two factions of the Ogaden National Libration Front (ONLF) some people began labeling these two groups as traitors and deceivers who betrayed their own people and country. According to their arguments, they say these two groups do not have the authority and mandate to represent the general population of Somali State (Ogadenia) and hence cannot make any decisions regarding the future of the people. Moreover, they cannot hold any peace negotiations with any one, and any agreements reached are not valid. Even, the religious and well-respected people did not escape this cheap propaganda. This week they attacked well-respected individuals in the society like Ugaas Abdu-Aziz M. Layli, Bishaar Hassan and many others just to discredit them. They accused disloyalty without sufficient evidence and that is pure witch-hunt. As an Ogaden community member in North America, I condemn this new McCarthyism policy and each one of us must stand up and defend vigorously our creditable and trustworthy people. In civilized world, people tolerate different beliefs and opinions, but attacking the credibility of those who have different opinion is below the belt.

Since I was born in Ogadenia and have rights and responsibilities as any other citizen in the Somali State, I wonder, A) who has the mandate to represent me and millions of others in the Somali State? B) Who has the right to determine my future and future of my children?  C) who has the legal obligation and responsibility to fight or make peace on behalf of me and millions of others? 

Imagine! Where do you want to be 10, 20 or 30 years from now?  Do you want to be the same situation you were for the last twenty years or so? Do you want to spend your last years in a low-income retirement housing somewhere in Idaho where you look like an alien to your neighbors? or do you want to retire your own birthplace, your own hometown, where you are a productive member of the society? Think twice before you make decision. Think about your future and the future of your own children. Life is all about choices and how you respond to your daily challenges .Any choice that you make today will determine your future. I hope you will make a wise choice that you will not regret. Let us open a new page between us and the new Ethiopia. In order to make a good decision on this issue, please, read carefully the Fatwa that the respected Religious Scholars issued last week on behalf of the so-called Jihad, you will then understand scholars perspective and conclusions.
        The Somali region needs peace and stability more than any time before. Peace is absent of hostility, violence and conflict. Therefore, we must reconcile with each other in order to reach our goal of peace, development and prosperity.         

 Any negotiations will be a painful ,especially, when you bargaining with your enemy, yet, we have to show compromises and flexibilities. We need leaders who can visualize, think, review and take appropriate action. Life is give and take. Look back at the last twenty years, many young men and women perished in this conflict. Billions of property has been destroyed, yet, we did not liberate one single Inch of our land. Lets change our policy. We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Let us support our young leaders who are sacrificing on behalf of us.   Those who are using McCarthyism policy will not succeeded their new agenda of propaganda and offence. Furthermore, people are well aware these new tactics .

On behalf of many people in the Somali State, I salute our young leaders for wonderful job that they have been accomplished. They can count my support and support of millions in the Somali State. Keep the good work. Thank you for keeping my hope a live.

Abdullahi Farah

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