The outlawed ONLF abducted Sahra Korane from Burkayar

XOL: News reaching Xaajo Media from Godey region confirmed that the outlawed Asmara faction of ONLF has abducted Sahra Korane from  Burkayar,  small village 18 KM away from Denan district. The innocent Sahra Korane was abducted by gun men loyal to Admiral Mohamed Osman and no explanation is available from this group whose activities are mainly focused on tormenting and terrorising civilians who are already troubled by the scarce resource coupled with the formidable environment they live in.

Further reports  from the ground informed us that the gun men intended to kill or capture  her husband who is the cheif of the village but fortunetly was away when they arrived his home and they took Sahra instead. The gunmen took Sahra towards Korra and her situation and wherabouts remain unknown. Women abduction is a new phonema in the Somali culture and local residents of the area are left with no other option but to witness the horror and remain retiscent to avoid similar treatment.

It is not the first time that gun men loyal to the Admiral abducted civilians without any explanation. It  was few months ago when they abducted Dunio Hashi, who was carring her frail and elderly mother from Denan District and released her after weeks of introgation under extreme situation.

Xaajo Media

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