The peace talks between ONLF and FDRE;

The peace talks between ONLF and FDRE; We shall pray for, welcome and support for its success

“However if these two did not happen the impasse in Somali region will remain for indefinite time but not later than 2012”

This was the last sentence of an article I wrote on Xaajo.com on 31 Dec. 2009, when no hope was in the horizon at least publicly for the accomplished peace agreement with UWSLF and ONLF (The late Dr. Dolal wing). And for today the ONLF (the Admiral Wing) is showing great prospective than ever. Was it a prophecy?

Everybody in the Somali region felt a breeze of hope and life, when the news for the Nairobi peace talks was declared in media officially by both parties. For those who were aware, to reach this point we shall appreciate the concession made by both parties. FDRE conceded the condition not recognizing the ONLF as legitimate part of Somali region and sometimes labeling as terrorist group; while the ONLF conceded the condition not accepting the negotiation without countries/ organizations having the resolving authority/power if the accord is breached. It shall be appreciated the courage they made for the sake of their people and just only now both can be seen as winners. To reach the objective of the peace negotiations both parties shall be ready for more concessions should they care for the people of Somali region.

Should things go as expected; in the second round of talks it will be declared a cease fire and suspending the propaganda and counter propaganda in the media in addition to other positive points.

Once that point is reached, all the political entities of the region and their supporters shall consider and feel proud that everybody won and the past difference and hate shall be buried. We shall look forward and think how to solidify our unity. They shall show political maturity and tolerance. They shall acknowledge everybody/party have the right to lead the people and not one part is the only legitimate forever.

I acknowledge that when the UWSLF and ONLF (Dr. Dolal wing), made the peace agreement with FDRE, they encountered unethical propaganda and sometimes physical harassments from the ONLF (Admiral Wing) media and supporters; but I do not agree the UWSF to make reciprocal action when the Nairobi peace talks was declared. You have to show responsibility, support and welcome the deal and not make act that will abort the process.

On the other hand, wishing the peace deal to be struck before the end of 2012, the ONLF (admiral wing) should accept the government of the Somali regional state with the leadership Mr. Abdi Mohammed Omar and Ethiopian Somali Democratic people’s Party (ESDPP) are from the Somali region and their brothers, while reciprocally the Somali regional state government should understand the ONLF (admiral wing) with the leadership of Admiral Mohammed Omar Othman are from the Somali region and their brothers.

In other words they must start confidence building measures and unify the people of the region. Or else they will be seen as selfish leaders, where each one is trying to solidify his position at the cost of the people and still carrying the agony of the past and not looking for future. If not for sure a third party will emerge from the will of the people. If we are united we can help ourselves and will have a weight in and contribute to Ethiopia.

Finally for me the ESDP and ONLF (admiral wing) bench mark for their political maturity and caring leadenness is if they succeed in unifying the ESDPP and the ONLF (admiral wing) as one major party Named Somali people’s Liberation Front (SPLF) representing the region like EPRDF.

“Who contributes to the peace of the region is the winner and who hinders the peace process is the looser”

Dirie Islan Omar


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